Hands and Foot Care

    Immerse yourself in our personalized hand and foot care rituals. Invigorate you senses with an aromatic hand and/or foot soak, while a talented specialist treats and nurtures your skin and nails.

Essential Manicure : Quick but effective nail work for the woman on the run. Nail plates are shaped, cuticles pushed and moisturized. Lotion application follows and polish in a colour of your choice.

French Manicure : This is the essential manicure but with a touch of sophistication, and a choice of two finishes.

Elixir Exclusive Manicure : The experience starts with a gentle exfoliation followed by nail and cuticle work. Continues with a luxurious moisturizing mask and a relaxation massage. Application of your favourite polish colour.

Elixir Exclusive Manicure: With French or design

Warm Paraffin Oil Manicure: Exfoliation, nail and cuticle work followed by therapeutic paraffin mask that nourishes the skin and soothes the muscles and joints. A wonderful hand massage continues to melt away daily stresses.The final touch is polish to complete the ultimate experience.

Little Fashionistas : Children's Manicure

Essential Pedicure : Therapeutic foot bath preps the nails and cuticles to be tamed and trimmed. Callous build up is removed and lotion applied that leaves the skin silky and smooth. Finishes with a choice of polish or natural buff.

Elixir Supreme Pedicure : Brings the pedicure experience to a whole other level by enhancing your foot care with a scrub that removes dead cells, customized nail and cuticle care, decadent mask and an invigorating long massage. Choice of colour or natural buff.

Elixir Supreme Pedicure: With French or design

Warm Paraffin Oil Pedicure : The must try pedicure for clients with sore joints, cracked heals or simply overworked feet! The paraffin oil and warm towel wrap erases fatigue and intensifies penetration of the massage lotion. Polish or natural buff.

Little Fashionistas : Children's Pedicure

Polish Change : Colour, French or Design

Only Paraffin Wrap

Intensive Foot Treatment : Designed for clients with stubborn calluses or in-grown toenails. A cocktail of all natural acids is applied to soften the dead skin to maximize the effectiveness of filing. Special tools and techniques are applied to the ingrown toenails.

"Shellacing"(add on) : Applied to nail plates. A crossover product between gells and polish - the advantage of which is durability without damage. No drills, only natural buff and the colour lasts up to three weeks!

Shellac Removal : Includes a mini dry manicure. If you loved your Shellac so much you want to re-apply as a bonus you'll receive 50% discount on the cost of removal.

Shellac Colour change.

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